About Us

Dayzed is a curated platform for the cannabis movement. Here you will find carefully selected products - the best of the best - from the deluge of UK CBD products in the market place. 

As a collective of CBD enthusiasts, many of whose lives have been dramatically changed by the healing properties of this curative plant, we want to help you, enlighten you and make buying CBD easy by bringing you the best products in class. All products have been tested and used by us. 

We regularly post blogs and educational content to keep you up to date with the ever-changing regulatory framework around CBD here in the UK. At the same time, our testing partnerships ensure that every product we sell must go through a rigorous testing process - you can read more about why this is so important to us and what it means for you here

The movement is in full swing and we want you to be involved in this culture and lifestyle shift with us. The best way to join our community is to share your CBD stories, questions, comments and feedback so please do get in touch.

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