CBD and your Appetite

CBD is becoming more and more popular in the world of wellness. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, mental calm, deep sleep or simply a sense of serenity and wellness, the world of CBD oil, tea and more could be the perfect choice for you.

You might have a few questions about CBD before you start using it however, and Dayzed is here to help with some answers. One of the big questions is: does CBD affect your appetite? Let’s take a look.

Why Might CBD Products Affect Your Appetite?

CBD is the shortened form of Cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid (a class of lipid chemical compounds found in plants). It’s derived from the cannabis plant – and, untreated, one of the things cannabis is renowned for is stimulating your appetite!

If you’re trying to control your weight or simply keep some foods out of your diet, then all the many reported benefits of CBD might not be worth it if it also gives you the munchies.

Does CBD Make You Hungry?

Fortunately, CBD is not the chemical within cannabis that causes hunger.

In order to be sold legally in the EU and UK, CBD needs to contain no more than 0.2% traces of THC. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis: it causes the euphoria and high that makes cannabis so popular as a drug. It’s also the chemical compound that stimulates your appetite, causing the phenomenon of ‘munchies’ that goes with the high.

It’s thanks to an investigation by the World Health Organisation that CBD is widely available for sale. It found that, absent significant quantities of THC it did not cause intoxication or addiction and couldn’t be abused in the same way as when THC was present. This means that all legally sold CBD has to be free (or very low) in THC.

Does CBD Control Your Appetite?

One of the reasons people are interested in trying CBD products is that they are developing a reputation as appetite reducers. Before you commit to any substance that promises this you should do some research into whether it’s both effective and safe.

There is some evidence that CBD can reduce appetite: these are early studies with either small sample sizes or performed on animals rather than people so there’s no established medical consensus yet. That said, the early indications that there is a chemical mechanism by which CBD can reduce your appetite, combined with the enthusiastic anecdotal evidence from people who’ve already given it a try makes it look like CBD could be a worthwhile addition to your fitness regime!

CBD is, according to studies, in general well tolerated. This means it causes few side effects in a minority of people, and those side effects don’t cause much discomfort or distress. This is one of the reasons people are so enthusiastic about adopting CBD: it provides lots of benefits without the same side effects as clinical medications!