fourfive CBD Oil - 500mg Full Spectrum

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~All products have less than 0.2% THC~

Quick-absorbing CBD oils made with 100% natural ingredients. *The Dayzed Review* fourfive is all about fitness as its founders and rugby internationals George Kruis and Dom Day have sought to create a brand that appeals directly to the recovery of elite sportsmen, Now we are not elite by any means – but their products work! Medium strength 500mg bottle with spray nozzle.

We recommend starting with 2 sprays 3 times a day of our 500mg CBD oils. To take simply spray the CBD oil under your tongue. This achieves the best possible absorption rates and bio-availability. We advise you do not exceed 200mg over the period of a day. If you are not feeling the full effects of fourfive cbd oils we recommend you increase the strength to either our medium (1000mg) or our higher strength (2000mg).

Broad-spectrum cannabis extract Medium chain triglyceride oil