CBD & Sleep

Sleep is just about the most underrated health resource in the world.

We’re staying up later, wringing out each day for all it’s worth and waking earlier feeling exhausted and very sorry for ourselves (collective sigh). And it’s not just that we are not getting enough sleep, it’s the quality of sleep we’re getting.   When most of us sleep (myself included) we can have trouble turning off the days mistakes, mishaps and could-have-done-betters, resulting in sub-par sleep and most likely a morning mood to be avoided.

Studies have shown the importance of regular, regenerative deep sleep as part of a healthy lifestyle.

A deficiency in your sleep (either in quantity or quality) can affect everything from mental health and cognition to immune function and blood pressure. So in case you weren’t already convinced, sleep – good sleep-is vital to making you who you are when you’re awake.

Over the years we’ve been bombarded with a range of so-called ‘sleep solutions,’ from the unhealthy selection of sedatives with unnervingly long lists of side effects which leave you feeling groggy, to meditation, frequent exercise, yoga  – that’s without even mentioning the plethora of camomile-infused sleep sprays, lavender teas and night-time incense burners that leave you more nauseous than narcoleptic. All of these makes sense to a certain extent and as part of a lifestyle – but wouldn’t it be good if there was something better? Something more versatile, effective and reliable? Well that’s where CBD comes in.

What does the science say?

This blog was borne out of customers feedback, we are a new company but we have heard from a large amount of our customers that they are using some of our products for a combination of pain relief and a better nights sleep  – the two tend to go hand in hand.  While the FDA in the US /The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency here in the UK have not ruled on CBD as a ‘sleep drug’ we think that the overwhelming anecdotal evidence is something that you need to be aware of and want to share with you.

There is a multitude of ongoing research into CBD and its effect on sleep.  A variety of these studies have been conducted to determine how this non-intoxicating cannabinoid impacts your sleep patterns and today scientists continue to learn more about the properties of CBD in general and how they affect the mind and body.

How and what are we using?

It is important to remember that CBD affects everyone differently, however there are very few reported side effects from using it.  All of us here at the Dayzed HQ lead crazy-busy, work and child-filled lives, so we’ve all struggled with our sleep in one way or another.  Since starting Dayzed, however, and testing each and every product we stock, the world of sleep has been changed forever. 

Because of the nature of dosing we find it easiest and most in line with our lifestyles to use either a few drops (half a pipette) under the tongue or a cup of cannabis tea an hour before bed – as one of our customers says  – my wife and I slept like logs and woke without the pains that we had gotten used to.

We thrive on interactions with our users and would love to hear from you and your stories, in addition we are always on hand to share our experiences and opinions and learn from you wherever possible in this fast moving CBD community.

Green dreams,

The Dayzed team