Is CBD legal in the UK?

Natural health experts have known the benefits of CBD for decades, but it’s only just hitting the mainstream. CBD products are appearing on shop shelves across the UK, and online – something has changed!

You can safely and legally buy CBD oil, vape juice, tea and other products – down to gummy sweets and hand cream in the UK, but what is it exactly and why is it legal?

What’s in a Name?

CBD stands for cannabidiol – one of the chemical compounds found in cannabis. Cannabis contains 104 of these compounds, which are collectively called cannabinoids. Different strains of the plant and even different parts of it contain different cannabinoids in different concentrations. Getting the effect you want means choosing the right parts of the right plant.

What CBD isn’t is just as important as what it is – it’s not THC, one of the best known cannabinoids and the active ingredient in cannabis that gets you high. It’s the psychoactive effects of THC that produce that distinct feeling, and CBD products are legally mandated to contain no more than trace elements.

CBD is also not addictive – there’s no evidence its health effects come with a damaging downside. In its enquiry into the chemical, the World Health Organisation found that “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.”

Legal Status

In the UK, CBD products are legal to buy, sell, possess and use as long as they come from EU approved hemp strains – plants with that low level of THC. The UK government has set the maximum level of THC in CBD products as 0.2% – low enough that they cannot function as intoxicants, only health supplements.

This means you get to enjoy the health benefits, whether it’s from the cannabis tea in the health food shop on the high street or the CBD vape juice ordered from online. It’s open season and the hype is real: CBD is here to stay.