Try our best-tasting CBD supplies presented in the edibles market. Plant-based and booming across the CBD industry, they can become your daily helpers. Explore the gorgeous CBD world of nutritional supplements together with DAYZED.

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DAYZED CBD edibles are one of the most comfortable and fun way to take all the organic cannabis extract. Enjoy the quality of our gummies and tea made from organically grown cannabis.

Why DAYZED? Customers’ trust is our key priority, that is why we test all products for at least a week prior to their release. We ensure that all products provided by our team consist of broad-spectrum CBD oils. Try all the advantages of CBD, organic cannabis compounds in a delicious gummy, a rich chocolate bar or smooth tasting tea. Incredibly easy to use and to dose, CBD gummies and other edibles can become your favorite CBD products. As they contain pure cannabis extract, CBD edibles will be targeted at your exact needs, whether you need to boost energy or to calm your mind after the long day.

Experience the whole spectrum of the natural CBD effect in an easy way full of joy. DAYZED edibles are aimed at various goals. Try one of our gummies presented on the website to drive your energy in the beginning of the day, or tea made of 100% organic ingredients to relieve bed time anxiety or even insomnia. Plus, carefully and conveniently packed, CBD edibles products can become a nice present for yourself or for your loved ones.

If you’re looking to try something from CBD for the first time, our edibles line could be a perfect choice. Lightweight, easy to dose and tasty, they will become a nice and exciting part of your daily routine. CBD edibles presented at DAYZED are made from properly cultivated, organically grown cannabis plants, to bring you the highest quality among the market. Edibles presented at DAYZED are made of 100% pure cannabis using organic farming and growing methods.

DAYZED guarantees that all products are safe, trustworthy and legally produced. Just like products from our other categories, the diversity of the edibles line will give you unforgettable experience. Explore the whole variety of cannabis based edibles with DAYZED to find out your favorite products. Enjoy all the CBD benefits with unique and expertly crafted products which you can find on our website to achieve great results.