Perfume your space with a relaxing and enveloping atmosphere of CBD candles and bath salts. Simply the best for evening routing, CBD products that will help you to relax will take you into the atmosphere of joy and pleasure. Let yourself experience this magic and the act of self-care right now.

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Whether you’re experiencing anxiety or stress, the DAYZED relaxing line will help you on this mission. Try our top-quality candles and bath salts and let yourself melt in the surrounded atmosphere of calmness. Absorbed the best and natural cannabis compounds, our products can be your daily helpers in relaxing and stress relieving.

Our candles and bath salts are made from pure organic cannabis compounds. Surround yourself with fresh and light or saturated and deep aroma of CBD candles. Relax while the odour floats you away and brings you back to earth. Sounds alluring, isn’t it? Enjoy the full range of CBD relaxation products with DAYZED. From the variety of CBD candles you can find your perfect match with one of the saturated aromas. Fresh and flower or deep and sensual — discover your favorite perfume. Plus, coming in the stylish and minimalistic tumblers, candles presented at DAYZED can become a perfect detail for your home or bathroom interior.
Our team carefully selects the best producers to offer you a top-quality experience and the pure effect of all cannabis compounds. The combination of organic CBD extract and natural aroma will be a perfect finishing point of your evening routine. Whether you feel some stress level increasing or you just had a hard day, let the CBD products do their job to give you the proper level of relaxation and calmness. Bring yourself an incomparable experience with CBD candles and bath salts to surround your space with the deep and saturated odour and to discover its relaxing effect.

DAYZED guarantees that all products are safe, trustworthy and legally produced. Just like products from our other categories, the diversity of the relaxation line will give you unforgettable experience. Be careful, after trying our products you may change your evening or morning routine. Incorporate DAYZED CBD products targeted at relaxation into your relaxing routine. Give yourself a break, calm your mind and body, relax. Find your favorite CBD product for deep relaxation. Give yourself all the CBD benefits with unique and expertly crafted products which you can find on our website to achieve great results.