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The most efficient & natural way to take CBD to contribute to relieving stress, anxiety, pain and improving sleep and mood.


Enjoy the blend of health and pure pleasure with this cannabis tea by Body and Mind. Each teabag contains natural CBD extract to give you the ultimate relaxation. Tea lovers can be secure about the quality of every cup, as this Cannabis tea contains only 0.2% THC, and it’s 100% organic. Upgrade your calming routine and give yourself the joy of relaxation provided by Mother Nature. Our team enjoys not only its saturated and deep taste but its calming and soft effect as well.

Brewing Instructions:

Beautiful aromatic natural flavourings brought to life in 90 oC water. Brew 1 teabag in your favourite mug for between 5-20mins to find your ideal strength.

CBD Strength:

40mg per Teabag/cup

400mg per Pack


10 x Teabags each with 1.5g’s of Organic Cannabis Sativa L. plant and seeds per Teabag.

Each teabag can be re-brewed but will lose flavour and usefulness depending on how long you brew for.


Our teabags and tags are made from sustainably sourced organic cornstarch, which have no glues, plastics, metals or chemicals. They are contained in a kraft paper reseasable doypack which is made from ethically manufactured recycled materials.


Consult your GP before consuming this product.. It is advised to leave a two hour gap between CBD and medication. For medication that carries a grapefruit warning, a four hour gap is advised.

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