CBD Capsules 300mg

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CBD Capsules are great for active people thanks to their simplicity, but they’re much more than that – 300mg of broad spectrum cannabis extract is the perfect starting point for someone new to CBD


These CBD Capsules are a perfect choice to incorporate CBD products into your busy schedule. Easy-to-dose, each capsule consists of 10mg of broad spectrum cannabis and will relieve all its ingredients quickly. Taking your daily CBD dose has never been so easy. Just take your amount of capsules and swallow them with water. See? Just like that, without even noticing, you’ll receive all the natural cannabinoid extract. No need to break your daily routine. Just enjoy this bottle of 30 CBD capsules which will help you to run the world.


  • Broad spectrum hemp cannabis extract
  • Inulin
  • Vegetable capsule

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Fourfive CBD Capsules