CBD Patch – Pack of 5

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Get consistent delivery of highly bioavailable Hemp Extract that’s chemical-free and lasts longer than than any other patch on the market.


Pure Ratio CBD patch is one of the most acclaimed CBD patches available on the market. It is explicitly designed to relieve you from pain and anxiety in the most effective way. Give yourself a long-term experience with this 5-pack or try one CBD Patch. CBD Patch by Pure Ratio is hypoallergenic and certified non-GMO. It contains essential oils and phytonutrients. The THC content is just 0.3% making it completely non-psychoactive, while each patch contains 40 mg of CBD and the effects last up to 96 hours. The CBD Patch is entirely natural and very affordable, so you’ll never use another CBD patch product after trying this one.


  1. Organic Coconut Oil
  2. Organic Aloe Butter
  3. Sunflower Lecithin
  4. Oleic Acid
  5. Sweet Almond Oil
  6. Red Palm Oil
  7. Shea Nut Oil
  8. Virgin Avocado Oil
  9. Hemp Extract

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Pure Ratios CBD Patch – Pack of 5