Taking CBD for Anxiety

There are lots of reasons people are trying CBD products. They’re developing a reputation for helping with insomnia, and for acting as pain medication as well promoting a general sense of wellness. One of the biggest reasons that draws people to CBD oils, teas and edibles is the compound’s growing reputation as an aid for those suffering from anxiety.

Today we’re taking a look at CBD and anxiety: is its reputation justified? What is CBD, and how can taking it help? Is it safe?

What is CBD?

Before you take any medication or supplement, it’s good to understand what it is. CBD is short for Cannabidiol: a compound derived from the cannabis plant. An investigation by the World Health Organisation found that CBD (isolation from other compounds found in cannabis) was not harmful: it was not addictive, intoxicant or psychoactive and had, in their words, “no potential for abuse”. This means you can take CBD safe in the knowledge that your judgement will not be impaired or affected.

Cannabidiol acts on the endo-cannabinoid system: a collection of receptors found in the central and peripheral nervous system. Depending on where and how they are they stimulated, these can produce different effects throughout the body. Rubbing a CBD infused lotion or cream into an aching joint, for example, may stimulate local endo-cannabinoid receptors to help relieve inflammation.

One of the things you need to remember about CBD is that it’s a lipid – a fat-based molecule. This means that it doesn’t dissolve in water, and if you’re putting CBD oil in food or hot drinks you need to make sure you include some fat for it to dissolve in so it can be absorbed and processed by your body. This could be as simple as, for example, putting milk in your CBD tea!

Is It Safe?

Firstly, CBD is legally safe to take. Since the investigation by the WHO, there has been no basis to restrict its sale, and that’s why it has been enjoying a boom in popularity and availability since. As long as you buy your CBD products from a reliable retailer, like Dayzed, you can be sure that it’s made from EU approved strains of cannabis, bred for high CBD content and low THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol: the psychoactive cannabinoid), and rigorously tested to meet the law.

Studies into the effects and side effects of CBD are ongoing, but we do know that it‘s largely well tolerated by the human body, which means it has few side-effects, they’re low in intensity and suffered by relatively few who take the supplement. Some of the side effects found include dry mouth and reduced appetite.

Does it Help?

This is the biggest question. Does taking CBD help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety?

Studies are in their infancy, which makes it hard to give a medically definitive answer. Fortunately the early results which are beginning to appear do look promising. The only scientific conclusion these studies have reached is that there does appear to be a potential for more in depth studies to investigate further, this, combined with the wealth of anecdotal data from those who have enthusiastically adopted CBD products to help manage their anxiety makes it look its well worth your while.

If you’re interested in investigating how CBD could help you, Dayzed is the best place to start. We have a carefully curated selection of the best products on the market, making it easier to find the right CBD solution for you.